Meet Yoda


It took Animal Compassion NINE years to trap me! I just would not go into that trap until one day my hunger got the better of me. I was immediately rushed to the vet so I could be neutered and vaccinated, and they found out that I was FIV positive. I’m not really a people person, if you know what I mean; I’m still pretty feral. I don’t mind living with the other FIV cats at the sanctuary because we’re all friends.

Meet Oscar


I lived in the Collier County Courthouse complex area for a really long time, so they call me the Courthouse Cat. I wasn’t doing very well there. My ears and one eye were badly infected, my back foot was hurt, and I was extremely hungry. Since I’m an older boy, it was hard for me to compete for food with all the younger, stronger chaps. Fortunately, Tina from Animal Compassion found me, and right away I ate two big cans of food. That’s how hungry I was!

ACP made sure that I went right to the vet to be neutered and treated for all my ailments. They also found out that I had FIV. ACPI gave me a nice house for FIV positive cats to live in.

Meet Smokey


I was found starving in a hospital parking lot on Collier Blvd.  I was little more than a skeleton with fur matted with sticks and pine needles. I was alone, afraid, and so hungry. Luckily, Tina from Animal Compassion Project found me, scooped me right up, and rushed me to the vet for a check-up. I’m absolutely fine now!  I’m an adult neutered male, grey long haired, declawed Hemingway (extra toes).

Meet Lil' Bit


Lil' Bit was living north of Tampa, as an outside cat, being fed and cared for by a lady named Brandi. One day Brandi noticed there was something wrong with Lil' Bit. During a visit to the vet, it was discovered that Lil' Bit had been shot with a BB gun and was FIV positive. Being unable to keep Lil’ Bit, Brandi began the search to find a new home for the cat. She first contacted all of the local rescue organizations. All were full. Brandi then contacted Animal Compassion Project and drove more than three hours to bring Lil’ Bit to our Naples sanctuary. Lil' Bit has been living in our FIV house enjoying the company of other cats in her living area, all of whom have been diagnosed with FIV.

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